Volunteer For The #500Barefoot

"Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot fot ime with them, and it will change your life forward." ~ Amy Poehler

Our volunteers are vital to the success of this movement. 

We'll be working closely together to turn this vision into a reality, so prepare to become part of the family and have one heck of a time! 

You're all so unique, with such individual talent and ability so feel free to explore all the exciting ways you can participate in the #500Barefoot! 

(Can't choose one? That's okay! You can always check several boxes and we'll work together to utilize all your skills!) 

1. Race Day Facilitators

Throughout the 500km we will host meet-up zones where registered barefoot runners can join us for any duration. Our Race Day Facilitators will help check everyone into these meetups. Race Facilitators will be in contact with us as we approach the meet-up zone to ensure all runners are prepared to join the race as we come running (hobbling?) past!

2. Fundraising Team Member 

Nothing gets people more inspired to join a movement than seeing a familiar face in the mix! We need members across the world hyping up their communities to participate and helping us reach a greater audience. 

3. Filming + Photography 

Creating content is essential in gaining the momentum behind this movement. We need YOU and your creativity to help capture this journey. 

If you're local to Kelowna : 

Shots will be capturing our training, general preparation and promotional content. 

If you're local to Vancouver Island :

Join us for the full 500km excursion across Vancouver Island! Ideally you can come for the entire duration but we're happy to accomodate whatever time you can offer :) 

If you're faaaaar way : 

We go through a lot of content. Even short cinematic sequences are beneficial to promotional purposes. 

4. Social Media Management 

Sav and Ash are really great at doing crazy things and getting some crazy shots. We're not so great at organizing them. Our Social Media Managers will help keep the content of the #500Barefoot consistent. On race day, we'll rely on you to update our social media accounts to keep the audience engaged! 

5. Partnership Scouts 

We're hunting for brands and individuals who want to join the #Barefoot500 as partners. We are happy to support and promote companies throughout this journey! 

Become a #500Barefoot Volunteer NOW!