The Discomforters

We're here to guide, mentor and encourage you as you wade beyond the borders of your comfort and tap into the essence of being alive ... being free. 

Meet the Discomforters 

Savannah Holmes

Hey I'm Sav / Savy / Savybanany 

I'm a writer, all-season lake dipper, sleep hater and rebel of all things ordinary and average. I've been labelled, "The Human Embodiment of Caffeine" and carry the title with pride.

Leaving the Comfort Zone has enabled me to live my richest expression and feel the sweet liberation that comes beyond fear. I'm honestly just livin' the dream and want to inspire and guide others to do the same. 

P.S I translate doubt into dares so be careful what you say around me ;) 


Asha Tremblay 

Hey I'm Asha

I'm a physical trainer, yogi, explosive ball of energy and obsessor of cornbread (no really, it's an addiction). 

I might be missing a vertebrae and have the legs of a weiner dog, but you'll find me blazing through life with passion, expression and love! 

I live to learn and invite challenges into my life that move me outside what I know to discover the beauty that lies beyond. 

P.S You won't be needing your hearing aids around me!