Our Partners are an integral part in the success of this endeavour. 

What We Do For You 

1. Welcome Shout Out 

We love that you've joined our team and want the world to know it! You can look forward to a brief bio being shared on our platforms in addition to a very special THANK YOU video made just for you. 

2. Article On Our Blog 

We believe in supporting local businesses and would love to host an article on our blog to share all about yours! 

3. Tags & Mentions On Social Media 

This journey will be heavily documented and our Partners receive front row seats throughout the whole show! 

Who We're Looking For

Whether you'd like your athletics line worn all across Vancouver Island or have a film crew ready to roll, we need you. Our ideal partners find alignment with our core mission which is to : 

1. Unite a community to serve a cause bigger than ourselves : Enhance Humanity. 

2. Encourage individuals to challenge themselves and leave the comfort zone!

The ways to partner are truly endless so don't hesitate to reach out and see what beautiful team we can create! 

Interested in getting involved? Climb aboard today!