How It Started

How the whole journey began is a bit of a funny story. 

After completing a 500KM barefoot run, Sav approached several friends to see if they'd be down to design another challenge - and this time, even more extreme. After failing to recruit anyone she got determined, 

"Fine, I'm going solo." 

She wasn't excited about it. 20 days alone as a flaming extrovert felt more dangerous than tackling the Ocean by herself. But as most kids trying to tackle something similar, you have to be prepared to go alone. These adventures are extreme and they take a certain kind of heart to complete. 

"Kid you not, the day I announced I was going, Kaylee reached out to me. Before I had read her first sentence I typed YES. And just like that, we're heading out on a 1000KM journey together." 

Here's the crazy part : 

Sav and Kaylee haven't actually met ... ever. Their parents were longtime friends who connected the girls, knowing their mutual interests would almost guarantee an instant friendship ... and they were right. But living 3000KMs apart means there's a chance they won't be meeting until they launch their kayaks into the water. 

"You just have to start. Throw yourself into the deep end and be prepared to be amazed. Because the people do show up. The resources somehow appear. The donations will suddenly roll in and before you know the world's been changed."