Week One | Sav

There's something fascinating, intriguing and totally exciting about doing something so far beyond your Comfort Zone. You can't predict anything, leaving you with the thrill of anticipation and dreamy wonder. The reality is so far fetched it can only be created in your mind, sprinkled with sparkles of how great and grand the adventure will be. 

And then...there's doing it twice. 

When you actually can predict the pain. When you can gauge the difficulty, the investment of both time and money, and stand in complete awareness of the mental battle which lies ahead. In fact, the memory of that exhaustion, that pain, that stress, that struggle is still echoing in your mind. 

And still you say...I'm in. 

Surprisingly, Week One of training has highlighted my passion for the extremism of these challenges, awakening the love I have for all things intense and meaningful and reminding me of why I began doing this in the first place.

As I dismounted after my first timed 50KM ride this week, my legs were throbbing goooooood (because let me testify that running strength and cycling strength are NOT the same thing), but as I hobbled to my car I just started smiling. 

"And so it begins..." 

We're back to the days of permanent soreness. Of keeping a journal of everything that flares up and then researching late into the night to ensure I train effectively. The days of being constantly creative in sharing the story and finding support for the cause. The days of downloading thousands of songs on Spotify to keep my hours ... and hours ... of listening fresh and entertaining. Back to the days of strict mental focus, where distractions and procrastination have no place. Back to living and breathing this journey and devoting every inch of my soul to its success

...and I love it. 

 I love that I have a calendar taped above my desk with the dramatic countdown, reminding me that just like every other event in life, this too will come to a close. I think there's something invigorating - maybe even addictive - about living this way. Always preparing in full-send mode for the next big adventure. It reminds me to stay present, remain engaged and give my all every waking hour. 

There is no place for the passive here! 

Training Stats : 

50KM | Cycle | 1.40 

25KM | Cycle | 58.6

10KM | Kayak | 2.00 

5KM | Kayak | 1.14

5KM | Run | 27.2

10KM | Run | 54.4

Good Memories 

- the sunset over the glassy lake with Luca. This is especially awesome because he was finally content to just be on the back instead of clawing my legs raw in fear. 

- my kayaking partner flipping his kayak in the MIDDLE of the lake without a lifejacket, pump or paddle float and me towing him (and his upside down kayak) all the way back to shore

- exploring the town of Armstrong on my 50KM pedal (and catching some amazing countryside sunsets in the process!) 

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