Week Five

In classic Sav fashion, I became so obsessed with what I was doing, I forgot to document any of it! 

Thankfully it happened during 4 of the dumbest weeks of my life. 

I say that because usually I love training. But the pain from the 500 Barefoot is still adamant and I haven't had any of the proper equipment to actually build the strength at the rate I'm used to. It's been frustrating and disheartening, but all that changed this week! 

I finally got a membership to a gym out here. It's lowkey a ghetto downstairs basement with weights that look like they were made the same year as the first motorcar, but I've walked away sore so that must count for something. Because I like exercising at 5am, I'm an easy 30 years younger than everyone else, but let me tell you, there are some stronger 80 year olds in this sleepy little town. We have Pajama Peter (he literally wears torn up PJs on leg day) followed by Hellish Hellen, who snaps out more Arnolds than I can, and then we have Rambo - literally. He wears a bandana and has paint smeared under his eyes (must be the fluorescent lights or something). For some reason, I absolutely love my new workout space. At least it keeps my intervals entertaining. 

I have been struggling to get my iron levels back to a functional standard. Now that I've seen some improvement, my energy is finally starting to return. This might not be a huge whooty-doo to anyone else, but for a kid whose used to having a limitless supply, it's been pretty frustrating getting 8 / 9 hours of sleep and still feeling exhausted. I'm back to my early early morning routine and loving it. What I don't love? The dark, cold mornings. 

After some wet exit drills, I realized one of the biggest struggles on the Therapeuo, is going to be the cold. Last year I was religious about spending 15 minutes everyday in freezing water (literally, breaking ice at 5am to get in the lake). I have decided to bring the practice back this winter to help me adapt to the colder temperatures and maintain more composure should (or when?) we flip. 

There's a beautiful part about these journey's that I don't often highlight, and that is the Plateau Prize. 

Essentially, I e-mail approximately 50 people a week trying to bring in donations or gain sponsorships. I hear from approximately 2 people a week - and sometimes not even that. It's just the name of the game ... and it can be ruthlessly discouraging. But then, we get a whiff of good news. And then two, and suddenly three. And we're on FIRE again. That's what sustains us through the weeks we get absolutely nothing ... the trust that even bigger things are coming down the pipeline, because they always are. I'm learning to love the wait, to anticipate the pause and to savour the time spent in the unknown. Because when I think about kayaking 500KM in unpredictable Ocean waters, I have a feeling they'll be a lot of moments just like that. 

And I'll be ready for them ;) 

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