Introducing The 500km Barefoot

Savannah Holmes and Asha Tremblay wanted to make a difference in a different way. In just 4 days the idea came, the plan was designed and the training begun. 

On June 21st, they will begin their run of 500km ... barefoot. 

Their journey will start at one tip of Vancouver Island and end at another. 

They have given themselves 10 days to complete this challenge, in hopes of setting a World Record for the first women to ever achieve a race of this magnitude

"We want to support a cause that helps the hopeless dream." 

Enhance Humanity is an organization devoted to providing the most impoverished teens in Uganda, Africa with leadership education. It will be the receiptant of all funds raised throughout this journey. 

"I have seen the work of Enhance first hand. It's unlike anything else. They teach teens how to dream big and then help them tap into their own treasury of talents and gifts to achieve it." 

This journey is one that has never been attempted before and as the saying goes, 

"It takes a village." 

We invite everyone to participate - in whatever shape and size they can - to create a movement that rattles the world. 

"This is our chance to really change someone's life. Forever." 


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